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I am in need of some help in being able to locate information for this assignment as it seems as though I am unable to locate the information for it.
Select a culture with which you may or may not be familiar with.
Trace its evolution into what is the modern-day pharmacy practice in that culture.
Address the following questions in your 200- to 300-word response:
What were the culture’s ancient methods for dispensing medicine?
Identify the milestones of the culture’s evolution into what is now its modern-day pharmacy practice.
How long did it take to evolve into the selected culture’s modern-day practice?
Cite any outside sources that you may use.

Could someone PLEASE point me in the right direction? Am I not using the correct search terms?

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    First you need to choose a culture. I suggest you start with Chinese or Native American.

    Then try these search terms:

    Chinese pharmacology history
    Chinese medicine history

    You may pick up more leads as you read through these websites.

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    Hello, i am a current student single mom with two kids and i just started pharmacy classes and i am really behind and i need ALOT of help i want to know more about pharmacy school so that i can catch up. i get quizez every week and i havent been doing well can you please help me?

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