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please check
these are some questions from the opening lines of Gettysburg Address.

a. when Lincoln referred to "four score and seven years ago" what year was he talking about?


b. What did Lincoln say the Civil War was testing?

whether our nation can long endure
(if this is correct, what is a simpler way to put this)

c. According to Lincoln, what was his purpose in coming to Gettysburg?

to dedicate a portion of the battle field as a final resting place for those who gave their lives
(again,if correct, easy way to put this?)

and d. According to Lincoln, how should Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg be remembered?

by dedicating a portion of the field to them

(these questions are based on the lines starting from "Four score and seven..." to "We aer met on a great battle-field"

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    Yes, your answers are correct. Please try to put b and c into your own words.

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