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I was wondering how I would even start to solve a problem like this.

Solve for x1, x2, x3, and x4:



  • nonlinear coupled equations - needs better mathematician than I am -

    I took a crack at it but did not get far.

  • Math -

    I also have spent an unreasonable amount of time trying it.

    I even went so far as to run an old-fashioned 1970ish BASIC program

    10 FOR A = -25 TO 35
    20 FOR B = -25 TO 35
    30 FOR C = -25 TO 35
    40 FOR D = -25 TO 35
    50 IF ((A*B+A+B=514) AND (B*C+B+C=146) AND (C*D+C+D=104)) THEN PRINT A,B,C,D
    60 NEXT D
    70 NEXT C
    80 NEXT B
    90 NEXT A

    It found no integer solutions to your problem in the domain from -25 to + 35

    I used A,B,C, and D for your variables

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