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If 2.4 m^3 of a gas initially at STP is compressed to 1.6 m^3 and its temperature raised to 30 degrees C, what is the final pressure?

I am having a little problem filling in the blanks......

I know that I need to use the formula P1v1/t1 = p2v2/t2 but I think I am missing something. This is what I have so far but I am not sure if I am right. I know that P1 = 2.4 m^3 but would 30 degrees C be t1 or t2? Also, which variable is 1.6 m^3? Please help?

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    You have to convert temps to Kelvins.

    30C is the new temp. T2. 1.6m^3 is the volume V2.

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    I just want to make sure that I have this right.
    P2 = T2p1v1 / V2t1
    P2 = (303.15 * 1 * 2.4) / (1.6 *273.15)
    P2 = 727.56 / 437.04
    P2 = 1.66 atm

    Is this correct?

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