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write out the equation
please show the steps taken to solve the problem

A small airplane flies at a velocity of 145 km/h toward the south as observed by a person on the ground. the airplane pilot measures an air velocity of 172 km/h south. What is the velocity of the wind that affects the plane?


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    I barely remember anything from physics class last year, but wouldn't you subtract the difference between the two velocities? So the wind speed would be 27 km/h north, because it is hitting directly against the plane in the opposite direction. I think.

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    i have no clue myself
    i was having trouble with these kind of questions..thnks for your help though

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    No problem :)

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    Emily remembers more than she thinks. She is right.

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    Sweet! Thanks :)

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    i have no idea

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    wait wouldnt you add them because they are both going south

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