Social Studies (URGENT)

posted by Larry

Okay,I need to create a newsletter on the olden days. The year is 1599 and I have to write 3 paragraphs on 3 different people. 1 play review, 1 song review and 2 editorials. I am currently writing about:

- The Battle of Curlew Pass (Red Hugh O'Donnell)
- The grand opening of The Globe theatre. (Shakespeare)
- and something else....

Don't know what to write about for play and music review and the 2 eidtorials.

What would be a creative Title?
Was thinking of "The British Times"
But its kind of drab.
Also, what could I do to make the newsletter creative?

It's due Friday 6. So it's URGENT.
Any ideas would be appreciated greatly.

  1. Ms. Sue

    The play review is obvious.

    This site may give you some ideas about editorials.

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