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Can you please check my answers?
They're fairly simple but I needed to make sure I'm correct.

1st Question:
In a make believe horse race between five famous horses,
Citation finished one length ahead of Seattle Slew.
Spectacular Bid finished ahead of Citation but behind Secretariat.
Man O War finished 4 lengths ahead of Seattle Slew and one length behind Spectacular Bid.
What was the finish place of each horse?
My answers was, 1st place Secretariat 2nd Spectacular Bid 3rd Man O War 4th Citation 5th Seattle Slew
2nd and last question.
A ball rebounds one half of the height from which is it dropped.
If the ball is dropped from a height of 128 feet and keeps bouncing, how far will it have traveled all together when it strikes the ground for the 5th time?
I got 124 feet.

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