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What is the root principle of war as a social disease?

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    When one begins a analysis with emotional terms (war, social disease) in order to write an essay,or paper, or even debate, it is customary to begin on defining terms, else one never gets anywhere. Such is the case here. I haven't seen you define what you mean by war, or social disease. My thinking is that once defined, your answer will be clear, especially if you define social disease as a dysfunctional breakdown of society's norms.
    My advice is to define your terms, thereby limiting your analysis.

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    The master writer of our time, Henry David Thoreau, did an oblique analysis very similar to yours on war and societal dysfunction in his "Walden's POnd". Read this, and think on it. Walden's Pond is very nice winter reading, if you want to have a go at it.
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