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a bowling ball is thrown down from the top of a building at 20 m/s. Find the distance the ball travels in
A) 1 s
B) 3 s

should I make the 20 m/s negative? I'm assuming the ball is just being thrown stright down...

I'm using the formula d=V(initial)*t+1/2a*t^2

I'm getting -24.9 for a and -104.1 for b if I assume that 20 m/s is negative. I just really need someone to clear this up for me. please and thank you.

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    Please, please, I really need gelp for this.

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    yes, make the intial velocity negative, and a is negative also.

    d= vi*t+1/2 g t^2 in the first second.
    d=-20*1 -4.9 *1=-24.9 meters, if + is upward.

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    oh, okay, hank you so much!

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