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Chid Care

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Your budget allows you to purchase only one math software package for your children ages 5-8. Which one of the following packages would be probably be best for this age group?

A. Ages 4-7
B.Ages 6-9
C.Ages 7-9
D. Ages 6 and up

I pick the ltter B can anyone tell me if I am right.

  • Chid Care -

    To me it would depend on the makeup of the children, and their abilities. I wonder what D includes, does it include Trig, calculus?

    Now to your question. B is probably as good an answer as any.

  • Chid Care -

    For D they just talks about basic math. Thank you for your input

  • Chid Care -

    You will be observed by the director at least once a month for the first three months of your employment. A
    conference will be scheduled at the end of that time to evaluate your performance. If performance has been
    satisfactory, the full contract will go into effect.
    This excerpt is from which type of personnel policy?

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