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I need to rewrite this sentece getting rid of unnecessary or redundnt words.

Most of the attempts to prove he did not write the plays are based on the limitation of his experience and upbrining.

And can you please correct this:

1. Apparently, some scholars think that William Shakespeare is a fraud.
2. Over the years, there have been several attempts to prove that the plays usually attributed to Shakespeare were actually written by someone else.
3. sfds
4. First, we can begin by looking at the fact that most of his plays are set in foreign settings, he never traveled to other countries.
5. It also appears that whoever wrote the plays knew both French and Italian, but there is no evidence that the man from Stratford knew either of two languages.
6. It is a true fact that William Shakespeare was the son of a glover from Stratford.

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    The limitations of his experience and upbringing offers strong evidence that he did not write the plays.

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