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how to write a debate?
I mean does it have a special form?
is it like a letter?
what kind of language do you use when writting a debate?


    Debates are oral competitions in which you argue for or against some proposed resolution. It's like a jury trial in some ways. None of it is written. You do battle against an opponent or opposing team that takes the opposite side of the question.


    but if you are asked to write a debate
    how do you start?
    you see I've got to write a debate about media in our society
    and I completely don't know how to start and develop thing...


    Has a specific resolution (question, pro or con) been proposed to debate on? If not, your question is too general.

    Perhaps you are being asked to propose your own resolution, and take a side.

    It is a good idea to have prepared opening and closing arguments. That part could be written.


    First, check these sites for the format and language of debates.

    (Broken Link Removed)

    (Broken Link Removed)


    (Broken Link Removed)

    Then you can start your research about media and society.


    This is an odd assignment, writing a debate, I am wondering if you have misunderstood.

    All that comes to mind for me is to write it in the same style of a debate as was done in medieval literature by folks challenging the king or religion dogma. It was not a criticism, but a debate. See this example in which Salviati, Sagredo,Simplico debate the fundamental nature of things.

    Other than that, which I doubt the jist of the assignment is aimed, I do not know. Perhaps others can comment.


    Here is a site on the format for writing debates:



    maybe I misunderstood but
    the question exactly says to:

    "debate" a motion that media has too much power in todays society...

    does it mean I have to write a debate or what?
    now I'm quite confused///


    I suggest you ask your teacher.

    It would seem to me, though, that you should write a paper in which you present arguments on both sides of this question.


    I agree with Ms Sue. I wish you had completely explained your assignment in the first place.

    Perhaps they may want you to take the opposing side, i.e
    to argue that that media DOES NOT HAVE too much power in today's society

    Given the constitutional right of freedom of the press, which may or may not include the modern "media", this may be a moot point. I personally think Fox Cable News is a threat to society, despite its apparent popularity.


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