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Did I do this correctly?

13 - (2c + 2) >(pretend it has the line under it that means greater than or equal to) 2(c + 2) + 3c

13 -2c -2 (greater than or equal to) 5c + 4

11c (greater than or equal to) 7c + 4
-7c to both sides

4c (greater than or equal to) 4
divide both sides by 4

c is greater than or equal to 1


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    13-(2c+2)>= 2(c+2)+3c
    11>=7c+4(((((this varies from yours, from here onward))))
    c is less than or equal to 1

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    How did you get the 7 > 7c?

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    If you follow my work, you get it. I subtracted 2 from 13 to get 11, then subtacted 4 from both sides.

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    Thank you! I don't know why I didn't see that.

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