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1.Which is not a goal listed in the preamble?
A. To ensure domestic tranquility
B. To provide for the common defense
C. To secure the blessings of liberty
D. All of the above are goals listed in the preamble
Answer: D

2. Mr. Daly is running short on cash and and needs to gas up his car. After filling his car up at the local gas station he takes off without paying. He is put on trial and somehow (miraculously for Mr. Daly) is found innocent. The prosecution finds new evidence that will surley convict him. Why is Mr. Daly protected from a second trial by Amendment 5?
A. He has gone through the due process of the law
B. No person can be put on trial for the same crime twice (double jeopardy)
C. He does not want to incriminate himself, so he doesn't show up for the second trial
D. None of the above, he must stand trial again for his crime because he is guilty.

3. How are cabinet officers chosen?
A. By the president alone
B. By the president with the conssent of the senate
C. By congress
D. By the supreme court
Answer: B

4. Dr. Bremer wants to run for the United States Senate for the state of Missouri. She is 50 years old, lives in the state of Missouri, and became a citizen 7 years ago when she came to the United States from Canada. Why is she unable to become a senator?
A. She is too old
B, She has not lived in the state her entire life
She has not been a citizen for at least 9 years
D. Mr. Daly, are you crazy? She does meet all the requirements to become a senator.
Answer: C

5. All of the following are expressed powers of the congress except the power
A. To tax
B. to borrow money
C. to coin money
D. To declare laws unconstitutional
Answer: D

6. Which freedom is not granted in Amendment 1?
A. Religion
B. Assembly
C. Speech
D. None of the above
Answer: D

6. What court case declared that segregation in the united states illegal?
A. Marbury vs. Madison
B. Tinker vs. Des Moines Independent School District
C. Brown bs. The board of education
D. Plessy vs. Ferguson
Answer: C

7. The legislative Branch is covered in what part of the constitution?
A. Article 1
B. Article 2
C. Article 3
D. All of the above
Answer: A

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    #2 is B

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    You're right!

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