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Could you check my paper for social studies? I was on here before it's not a test sorry for saying it was a test but it's not. Thanks for your time and if one is wrong could you please give me a link to the particular question.

1.The ----- court is the highest in the nation.
A. Divorce B. Supreme C. Appeals D. Federal
Answer: B

2. Which of the following is not one of the three branches of government.

A. Legislative B. Military C. Jidicial D. Executive
Answer: B

3. The responsibility of the legislative branch is to:

A. Interpret the laws B. Enforce the laws C. Make the laws D. None of the above
Answer: C

4. What statement is true about the legislative branch.
A. It is divided into a senate and a house of representatives
B. Members are selected for life
C. It has no real authority
D. It is more powerful than any other branch of government
Answer: A

5. The president is elected by---
A. The electoral college
B. A direct vote of the citizens
C. The legislatures of the various states
D. The majority of representatives from the house of representatives and the senate
Answer: A

6. At most how many total years can a person be president
A. Twelve years B. Six years C. for life D. ten years
Answer: D

7. Membership in the house of reprensentatives is determined by:
A. square miles of the state
B. population of the state
C. taxes paid by the state
D. all states have two members
Answer: B

8. What is the supreme law of the land
A. the constitution
B. the bill of rights
C. the 1st amendment
D. state constitutions
Answer: A

9. The officer who presides over the senate when the vice president is away is known as:
A. the chairman
B. the majority leader
C. The speaker
D. the president pro-tempore

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    They are all right. :-)

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