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US History

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1) Which man does not belong in the same group with the others?

a. Carl Schurz
b. James G. Blaine
c. Henry Cabot Lodge
d. Albert Beveridge

2) The American record in the Philippines includes all the following, EXCEPT:

a. Training Filipinos for self-government
b. Development of a highly industrialized economy
c. Reduction of illiteracy
d. Improvement of health conditions

3) All of these reasons for annexing the Philippines were heard after the war, EXCEPT ONE:

a. Germany might take them if the United States did not
b. The Philipinos needed to be Christianized and civilized
c. American democracy would be strenghtened by the addition of new racial strains
d. The Philipinos had rebelled against American occupation troops

I think that the answer to question 1 is C, question 2 is B, and question 3 is C. I'm not positive though, so if someone could help me with these questions that would be great! Thanks! :)

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    Didn't James Blaine die before the war with SPain?

    I agree on 2
    I agree on 3

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    Oh, yes you're right! I just remembered that Henry Cabot Lodge had traveled oversea's with Teddy Roosevelt so I just assumed he would be different from the others, as they had all been senators. But I didn't make the connection about the war with Spain! And thanks for the link you sent me...that was very helpful! :)

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