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Can someone please help me think of some ideas for an invention project? We just learned about some famous inventors in history and we have to now come up with our own invention.

This can be something totally new, or it can be an improvement on a previous idea (but must have 3 improvements).

It can be something really simple, I just need some ideas please to get my brain flowing!

Thank you so much!

  • History - School Project -

    The world waits for a good selfwatering flower pot. There are several on the market now, but all are lacking.

  • History - School Project -

    On a similar theme how about self watering hanging baskets/planters. Again there are a few on the market, but they do not cope well with changes in the size, i.e. mass, of the plants.

  • History - School Project -

    I think something that would fold large items such as bed sheets would be wonderful.

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