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whats the synonym and antonym for privateers

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    Privateers are ships are sailors who sail on these ships.

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    Heres a another tip type in google and type privateers and you get a whole lot of synonyms because I just did that.

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    In the sea going word, the Privateer refers to the captain, who has been given a government commission to plunder enemy shipping. Commonly, the ship is called a privateer, but in fact, it is the Captain who has the commission. Synonyms are hard, he is a legal thief, or a legal pirate, but he is not in the Navy. He cannot plunder just any ships, he must do it to those of the enemy, or those ships which are carrying cargo to the enemy.

    I cant think of single words to be synomyns, but "commerce raider" comes to mind as the best. For an antonym, that is even harder, but "neutral ship" or "neutral seafarer" is probably close to an antonym.
    This was a hard assignment.

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    it was just on my home work idk

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    I was thinking it could be a rowboat (?) because it's a small boat, and not armed with any equipment. (antonym)

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