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I need to do a task analysis on a self-care task that i usually do everyday.I need to find out all the diferent tiny skills that make up that one task that I don't think much about it.I could do it in 2 different ways, and each way will give me a better sense of what it might be like for an exceptional child to manage some simple every day things.

  • Exceptional children -

    Combing hair including parting.

    Brushing teeth

    tying shoes

    Girls learning to do/undo buttons along the back.

    These present a complex learning pattern for kids, as well as the maturity to have brain fine motor control.

    Pick anyone of those.

  • Exceptional children -

    There are many task analyses you could study -- brushing your teeth, pulling on a pair of pants and zipping them, putting on a jacket with a zipper, putting on a shirt with buttons -- many, many tasks that an exceptional child has difficulty learning.

    As you do one of these tasks, think about every move you make.

  • Exceptional children -

    Tying shoes

  • Exceptional children -

    I need to do this task very slowly and think about the very first step in the sequence of the many others that will follow. Then, I need to do this task with my non-dominant hand. After completing versions 1 and 2 I need to write a 2 to 3 page essay, in good gramatical form. Please, help!!!

  • Exceptional children -

    Tying shoes is an exceptionally difficult task. We can all do it, but figuring out how we do it -- and then teaching even normal children -- is challenging.

  • Exceptional children -

    I think I'll have to change the task to maybe combing hair incuding parting .

  • Exceptional children -

    That's a good idea. This assignment is challenging enough without taking on the complications of tying shoes! :-)

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