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In a pottasium permanganate and oxalic acid titration..why do we add sulfuric acid to the oxalic acid solution and then boil it before titrating??

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    Doesn't the manganese in the MnO4 ion reduced to different levels in acid, alkaline,and neutral pH? In fact, if done in concentrated sulfuric acid, the result is different again, and should be done with caution.

    The boiling is to complete the reaction. As I recall, boiling is not required, but a temp of greater than 80C is needed.

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    right. The elevated temperature helps the reduction take place; otherwise, it is slow, especially at the beginning of the titration. Later in the titration, after Mn^+2 are in solution, the reduction is much faster and the temperature is not critical which explains why there is no need to continue heating the solution.

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