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Liek India, China's geography
1) encouraged extensive contact with other cultures
2) permitted development of a unique culture
3) discouraged trade
4) provided only limited agricultural resources

  • History -

    For which time period are you asking?

    At various times, China has had a lot of trade and contact with other cultures -- especially via the Silk Road. At other times, China has remained isolated with little foreign trade.

    Which answer do you think is best?

  • History -

    Umm I am asking about ancient civilizations. Like at the time of the Indus River Valley and Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

  • History -

    Here is a teacher's view of how to teach this unit. Note what she thinks are the important parts, HOWEVER, be certain there are other viewpoints, every teacher knows and desires that.

    You might want to search
    China Isolation.

  • History -

    For ancient times, I think you can forget contact or lack of trade with other cultures. And both areas had excellent agricultural resources -- or they wouldn't have been settled by early people.

    What does that leave as a commonality between India and China?

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