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Tell Whethter the givin number is a solution of -5 < n.

3. 8 4. -8 5. -4 6. 4

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    3.84 is in the solution of -5<n because 3.84 is the only choice that is greater than -5. The rest of the choices, -85 and -46.4 are both negative numbers which are less because negative numbers go backwards with -1 being a small number and -100 being a large number. Hope this helps!

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    n= 8 (option 3) is a solution of -5<n
    n= -4 (option 5) is a solution of -5<n
    n = 4 (option 6) is a solution of -5<n

    They all work becasue they are greater then -5

    It is hard to tell your option (choice) numbers from the choices themselves

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