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Due Date: Day 5 [Individual] forum
· Write a 350- to 500-word statement that reflects on how your ethnicity influences your
personal behavior, attitudes, and values.
· Post your statement.

Can any one give me suggestions on this cause i really do not know how to answer this in that many words? I have no clue either on what to write.PLease

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    What does your ethnicy say about importance of family, work, being on-time, eating at the table with family, about marriage, about the wife's role in family, about children dating, about cars, about women's clothing, about shoes, about paying bills ontime, about tithing to church, about supporting the poor by working/giving to food banks, thrift stores?

    Surely some of these beliefs affecta your behavior, attitudes, and values.

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    Ok I wrote it like this....Please suggest what I can add more to it to reach 200 words.. I only have 137 words right now.....

    Family is important to me and I try and teach my children about values. We do not all eat at the table together but I do try and make it a prority at least once a month.Work is important to me and I try to instill that in my children. Being married is not always a bad thing. It does have its time where it affects everything I do. I believe the role of a wife or husband is important and they should be treated like they want to treat someone. Children are imporatnt in this world. Dating does affect many behaviors,attitudes, and values. Dating, cars,clothing, shoes, paying bills, going to church if you believe in that, about supporting the poor by working/giving to food banks, thrift stores is important and affects behaviors, attitudes, and values.
    They can even change my mood.

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    You need to make your essay much more personal about YOUR values and beliefs and actions.

    Your question asks about your ethnicity.

    From what countries did your ancestors come?

    Do you remember what your parents and grandparents taught you about personal behavior, attitudes, and values?

    Start your essay by including the above facts in your introduction.

    Then go into specifics. How do you teach your children that family is important? What do you do as a family with your siblings, relatives and your children?

    Your statement that being married is not always a bad thing tells the reader nothing.

    Your comment about treating others (husband, wife) the way you want to be treated is good. Expand on this. What about coworkers, friends, family and neighbors? How does this relate to your ethnicity?

    Explain what you mean by "Children are important in this world." What do you do to show your children that they're important?

    Omit the part about dating.

    Do you buy expensive cars, clothing, and shoes? Why or why not?

    If you don't go to church, you should probably omit this too. If you do go to church, why?

    Why is paying bills important to you? Does this have anything to do with doing unto others as you would have them do unto you?

    Do you give to charity? Would you give to charity or work in a thrift shop or foodbank if you had time and money? Why?

    What changes your mood?

    Please revise your essay and repost it.

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