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Chemistry grade 12

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Molar Heat of Fusion of Ice Experiment.

Does the Temperature of a component of a system [cup of warm water from experiemtn] depend on the quanity of matter in the sample?

two different ways to increase the temperature of a pan of cold water??? Does the temeperature change of a system depend on the method used to transfer energy to it???

Why warm up the water above room temeperature before adding ice? What error would it have caused and what direction would it shift my anwser?


  • Chemistry grade 12 -

    I will be happy to critique your thinking on this.

  • Chemistry grade 12 -

    well for the anwsers I put so far.

    1. No because you can have 500ml of water at 5 degrees and have 10,000ml at 5 degrees also.

    2. I'm actually not sure what they want me to anwser so I put. Conduction since hotter travels to colder until the temperature is the same. Another would be radiation? But they said pan so I'm thinking about cooking but not sure.

    3.I guess the water is warmed up because the cooler temperatures would travel into the cup and verse versa.

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