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In the art piece "Diego on My Mind" by Frida Kahlo, what can be inferred or concluded about the artist based on this painting? Use`details in the painting to support the ideas.

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    Kahlo: Self-Portrait as a Tehuana (Diego on My Mind)
    Self-Portrait as a Tehuana (Diego on My Mind) 1943. Oil on Masonite 29 7/8 x 24 in. Gelman Collection, Mexico City. Click to view full-sized image ...
    Eyeconart: Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
    Diego on My Mind 1943 (Frida as Tehuana). The Two Fridas 1939. Image Source: Rita Gilbert'sLiving with Art. In 1940, Frida and Diego divorced, ...
    New This Month in U.S. Museums
    Frida Kahlo Diego on my Mind 1943 oil on masonite 30 x 24 in. site map · about us · contact us · investor relations · services · terms & conditions ...

    Frida Kahlo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Frida Kahlo, Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, Nikolas Muray Collection, Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin [1] ...

    FridaKahlo.com is a tribute to Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), one of the most influential Mexican painters of the middle twentieth century. ...

    Let us know what you decide. If you'd like someone to critique your thinking, please post what you write.

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