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Can someone help me finish this problem I am stuck!



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    No. When you had the x on the right, it was correc.
    but you have to SUBTRACT x from both sides, you subtracted on the right, but added on the left.

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    the problem with your lack of brackets is that we can't decide if you mean
    (5/4)x.... or
    5/(4x) ....

    I am going to take it according to your typing, so I would multiply each term by 8 to give
    10x + x = 11 + 8x
    3x = 11
    x = 11/3

    If it is the other option then your line 11/8x=11/8+x
    should say
    11/(8x) = 11/(8+x)
    cross-multiply, then divide by 11 to get
    8x = 8+x
    x = 8/7

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    Ok now I subtracted from both sides

    How do I finish the problem out?

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