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what free web sites can I search for poetry regarding "mexican crossing the boarder and their hardships that go with it? I am in the 4th grade and need this for school.. thank you

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    You can go to http://scholar.google.com or http://www.google.com/advanced_search?hl=en when you need to conduct really focused searches like this. By doing so, I found the following:



    What else can you find?

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    Do you want these poems in Spanish or English? I have many poetry sites but usually it's best to look for a title or a poet, rather than a subject area. I'm looking for you, but in the meantime, here are some books from the Smithsonian library that you might find in your local library:

    1) Saldivar, José David. Border matters: Remapping American cultural studies. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997.
    F787 .S19 1997X (NMAH)

    This work focuses on the inclusion of the U.S.-Mexico border experience within American cultural studies. Proposes a model for a new kind of U.S. cultural studies that includes Chicano/a cultural perspectives from diverse texts such as corridos, novels, poems, music, paintings, performance art, etc., that challenge the homogeneity of U.S. nationalism and culture.

    2) Paredes, Américo. Folklore and culture on the Texas-Mexican border. Austin, TX: CMAS Books, Center for Mexican American Studies, University of Texas at Austin, 1993.
    GR110 .T5 P28 1993X (NMAH)

    A collection of Américo Paredes’s most significant scholarly articles published between 1958 and 1987 focusing on the folklore and culture of the Lower Rio Grande border of south Texas and northeastern Mexico. Articles on the folklore of Mexican Americans, culture conflict along the Lower Rio Grande border, folk poetry, the Mexican corrido, machismo, the folklorization of actual events, the decima, and Texas-Mexico border jests are included in this work.

    Have you considered songbooks and "corridos?"


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    Perhaps a good bet would be Chicano poets because those poems are usually in both languages. Here is a list of Chicano authors and poets:

    Authors and poets

    For a more comprehensive list, see List of Mexican American writers

    * Alurista - poet and college professor
    * Oscar Zeta Acosta
    * Rudolfo Anaya[77]
    * Gloria E. Anzaldúa
    * Jimmy Santiago Baca
    * Ana Castillo — poet, essayist, and fiction writer
    * Sandra Cisneros — fiction writer
    * Carlos Cumpián
    * Guillermo Gómez-Peña
    * Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales
    * Rigoberto González
    * Juan Felipe Herrera
    * M. Miriam Herrera
    * Luis A. López
    * Paul Martínez Pompa
    * José Montalvo
    * José Montoya
    * Pat Mora - author and poet[78]
    * Cherrie Moraga — writer and theorist
    * Julian Nava - writer, educator, and diplomat[79]
    * Daniel Olivas[80]
    * Tomás Rivera
    * Luis J. Rodriguez
    * Richard Rodriguez
    * Ruben Salazar — journalist
    * Raul Salinas - poet activist
    * Ricardo Sanchez - poet activist
    * Gary Soto[81]
    * José Antonio Villarreal
    * Victor Villasenor
    * Maria Helena Viramontes — fiction writer

    For Fourth Grade, surely your teacher will give you some places to look?


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    Here are 2 poems that should work for you. "la Migra" means "Immigration/Border Patrol."

    (1) Pat Mora and "La Migra"


    Let's play La Migra

    I'll be the Border Patrol

    You be the Mexican Maid

    I get the badge and sunglasses.

    You can hide and run

    buy you can't get away

    because I have a jeep

    (2) La Migra
    La Migra, how I fear you
    And your pepper spray
    The blistering effects of it
    Always ruin my day
    When I try to hop the border
    And am inevitably foiled
    I must think softly to myself
    Americans are spoiled
    Jim Bob

    I can take you wherever

    I want but don't ask

    questions because

    I don't speak Spanish.

    I can touch you wherever

    I want but don't complain

    too much because I've got

    boots and kick--if I have to,

    and I have handcuffs.

    Oh, and a gun.

    Get ready, get set, run.


    Let's play La Migra

    You be the Border Patrol.

    I'll be the Mexican woman.

    Your jeep has a flat,

    and you have been spotted

    by the sun.

    All you have is heavy; hat,

    glasses, badge, shoes, gun.

    I know this desert,

    where to rest,

    where to drink.

    Oh, I am not alone.

    You hear us singing

    and laughing with the wind,

    Agua dulce brota aqui,

    aqui, aqui, but since you

    can't speak Spanish,

    you do not understand.

    Get ready.


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    P.S. Here are the Websites:

    1) for Pat Mora: http://www.uweb.ucsb.edu/~evelynalamo/

    2) for Jim Bob: http://www.poetry.com/dotnet/P7842571/999/1/display.aspx


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