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This is sam's mom - you have helped my child enormously - Whenever work is done with you the grade is amazing. Finals ae coming up and I think you are close to us. We live on the west side and go to school in the valley. SO anywhere would be convenient - We have a tutor for honors math - and would of course pay whatever you ask to have you study for the spanish final - would you be available - i can give you my email or number which ever is easier for you - a grateful mom
Spanish 2 9th grade

  • sra JMcGuin spanish -

    I remember Sam asked about tutoring during the fire, when you had to evacuate. We are NOT close, and anyway my help is free, right here! If Sam can find out what the final will cover, I'll be glad to help him. Also, if you would give me the title, author, copyright date and the chapters he has covered, that will help me to help him.

    It's always best to ask specific questions here to help him best. Actually this way would be far quicker for both of us!


  • sra JMcGuin spanish -

    The school is in calabassas and we live on the west side as is I drive 100 miles a day round trip - would be happy to accomdate - they got a 4 page study guide would be willing to drive to libabry within 50 miles do it every day - was given a practice essay to write and is having a big problem translating it - so trying to eliminate stress - the math tutor is 75 an hr.

  • sra JMcGuin spanish -

    It is 67.6 miles ONE way. Can you scan the 4-page study guide? Or at least a synopsis of what is in that study guide and the prompt for the essay?


  • sra JMcGuin spanish -

    we are in calabassas for school and west la is where we live - where do i scan and yes i would drive the 60 miles no problem and pay whatever is fair to you.

  • sra JMcGuin spanish -


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