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factor the expression

  • 11th grade -

    This one also factors.
    I gave you the previous one, why don't you try this, the factors are quite simple.

    Let me know what you got.

  • 11th grade -

    Reiny i got
    x=-5 or x=3

  • 11th grade -

    Not quite. You have to get +2x^2

    (2x-5)(x+3) ought to do it.

  • 11th grade -

    not quite,
    did you notice that the first term was 2x^2, so one of the factors must have started with 2x
    so it had to be (2x...)(x....)

    YOu should have expanded your answer to see if you get the original question back.

    I got (2x-5(x+3)= 0
    x = 5/2 or x = -3

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