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How would I state the phase shift of y=cos(θ-pi/3) & then graph it?

Step by step would be awesome, I was out sick and needed to do a worksheet to catch up!

  • Trig help -

    first make a sketch of y=cosθ
    then translate it pi/3 radians to the right

    in general for y=cos(θ-k) move y=cos(θ)to the right k radians

    or for y=cos(θ+k) move y=cos(θ)to the left k radians

    if there is a coefficient in front of the angle you have to factor out that coefficient to show the phase shift

    e.g. y=cos(3θ-pi/2)
    becomes y=cos3(θ-pi/6) , so the phase shift is pi/5 to the right

  • Correction on Trig help -

    last line should have said:

    becomes y=cos3(θ-pi/6) , so the phase shift is pi/6 to the right

    (keystroke error)

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