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8th grade

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2 cylinders are proportional
the smaller cylinder has a radius of 4 centimeters, which is half as large as the radius of the larger cylinder. the volume of smaller cylinder =250 cubic cemtimeters.
what is the volume of the larger cylinder?

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    height small=250/16PI
    Height large=?/64PI (radius large=8)

    so put these into the proportion...



    solve for?

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    pl=3 &if i solve this problem in a proportion (which is what we've been working on in math) then what would be the point of trying to do the equation
    v= pie*r^2*h?
    im very confused
    please help me with this problem

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    bobpursley,cna you dumb iot down for me. thanks

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    bobpursley, i misspelled some words from my last response, i meant to say can you explain it a little better? because i still don't quiet get it.
    thank you

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