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ive just finished my geography homework on deforestation of the amazon rainforest in brazil which damon kindly helped me with yesterday i just want to make sure ive put the right answers. this is what ive put.-
pastureland cattle ranches mining logging road construction to grow crops farming.
thanks !

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    I am not sure there is a "right" answer. Those look good. Of course you need road construction for most of the activities you mention once you get off the river banks where access is by boat and once you open a road, you get lots of people flooding in to do more things.

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    Not knowing exactly what your homework entailed, it looks like you have been concentrating on exactly how deforestation has been taking place.

    The land is being cleared for logging timber, large-scale cattle ranching, mining operations, government road building and hydroelectric schemes, military operations, and the subsistence agriculture of peasants and landless settlers. Sadder still, in many places the rainforests are burnt simply to provide charcoal to power industrial plants in the area.

    It looks like you have most of it: colonization with subsistence farming, the cattle grazing, logging and the paper industry, the "slash-and-burn" agriculture as well.


  • geog -

    Yes, we left out charcoal :)

  • re sra and damon -geog -

    thanks for your help . you helped me alot.

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