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What is the meaning of Jishka in the Bolivian language? --I think it's Bolivian.
Thanks -MC

  • Jishka -

    It means "good girl". It was the name of our site owners dog when he was in Middle School. Bolivia/Peru is close.

    MysteryChicken sounds like something I cooked on Chinese night last week.

    Thanks for asking.

  • pszdiyhqb poixus -

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  • Jishka -

    the lowest temperature ever recorded in the state of Oregon was -54 F (in seneca, on february 10, 1933). the state's record high temperature occured in Pendleton on August 10, 1898, when it reached 119 f. What is the historical temperature range in the state of Oregon?

  • Jishka -

    who developed a theory of child development that was based on three stages of growth

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