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need help

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Factor Completely (x-4(x^2+3)
Perform the indicated operations (-(7x^3+6x^2-11x+13) +(19x^3-11x^2+7-17
Find The Product (2x-1)- (-x^2-4x+3)

  • need help -

    for the first one, if you mean (x-4)(x^2+3) then it is already factored.

    I am not going to second-guess what you mean for the second, you have 3 opening brackets, and only one closing bracket, so it makes no sense.

    for the third you are asking for the product, which is a multiplication answer, but you typed a subtraction.
    So which is it?

    After showing some unnecessary "attitude" towards MS Sue in your previous post, you shouldn't be surprised if you don't get an over-enthusiastic response from the other volunteer tutors.

  • need help -

    well try both answers

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