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A uniform rod of length 176 cm is bent at its midpoint into a right angle. Then the bent rod is placed along the negative x and positive y axes, with the "bend point" located at the origin. What are the x and y coordinates of the center of mass of this object?

my thoughts were that the coordinates were just (.44, .44) but it's incorrect. can someone help?

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    the cm along the x axis is 1/2 (-176/2) or -.44 m, and along the y axis .44m

    You missed the sign.

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    Why is it negative?

    I just plugged them into the computer, and it isn't accepting that answer. (-.44m, .44m), that is.

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    Perhaps they want the answer in cm.
    The x coordinate of the C.M. is negative because half of the bent rod is in the -x region and the other half is along the x=0 axis.

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    I definitely missed that. Thanks.

    I got an answer of -22 cm on x, and 22cm on y, put it into the computer, and it's right.

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