College Algebra

posted by Marlon

I am having a difficult time with this question. Any help whatsoever will be really helpful as I have been pulling an all nighter for my test at 4pm.
The question reads as follows:

Suppose that y=[2-log(100-x)]/0.29 can be used to calculate the number of years y for x percent of a population of 928 web-footed sparrows to die. Approximate the percentage (to the nearest whole percent) of web-footed sparrows that died after 5 years.

The answer is supposed to be 96% but I am just not getting it. I have a feeling its not hard but I'm missing something crucial.

Thanks for all the help!

  1. bobpursley


  2. Marlon

    I still do not understand. This is my setup.

    1.45 = 2-log(100-x)
    -.55 = -log(100-x)
    .55= log(100-x)
    Now I am frozen there... If i take the log of both sides I do have 100-x on the right but obtain -.2596 for the left. The problem would equal 100.2596 and not 96.4.

    In your setup, I am confused as to where the 100-x=3.55 came from.

    Thank you so much, you don't understand how helpful you guys are for taking the time to help us.

  3. bobpursley

    take the antilog of each side

    You are taking the LOG of both sides. You want the antilog.

  4. Marlon

    Thank you so much!!! I got it!

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