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Without looking, a player chooses one marble from each bucket in the Red and Blue game. If the player gets a red and blue marble they win. Each player pays $1.00 to win and if wins gets $3.00. One bucket contains 1blue,1green,1red,1yellow. The second bucket contains 1red,1green,1yellow.

Suppose the game is played 36 times, how much money can the school expect to collect?

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    wll...they need 2 things to happen to win
    1) a blue marble from the first bucket (1 in 4 chance)
    2) a red marble from the 2nd (1 in 3 chance)

    so the chance for a win is (1/4) times (1/3) or (1/12)

    if the game is played 36 times, then statistically 3 poeple should win
    (36 X 1/12 = 3)

    now if playyed 36 times the school will collect $36

    if 3 won they will loose (3X$3 = $9)

    so the net sum is 36-9 or $27

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    Ok I get it now!!!! Thank you so much!

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