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1. Solve
(2x -3)< 14

2.Solve 3.2x + 20.8 > 52.0 -7.2x

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    1. Add 3 to both sides and then divide by 2. The < remains in the same direction

    2. Add 7.2x to both sides. Subtract 20.8 from both sides. You are left with

    10.4x > 31.2

    Divide both sides by 10.4. The > remains pointed in the same direction, since you are dividing by a positive number.

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    i do not understand

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    That is how to solve the inequalities. I cannot explain it any other way, other than to do all the steps for you, and that would not help you understand. See if you can find a parent or classmate to help you understand what I wrote.

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