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12th grade English

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A Lesson Before Dying- Quotations Analysis.

" I had gone to barbershops;I had stood on street corners, and i had gone to many suppers in the quarter.But i had never really listened to what was being said.Then i began to listen, to listen closely to how they taked about their heroes, how they talked about the dead and how great the dead had once been. I heard it everywhere." (p.90)

1.Does the quote Characterize Grant, Jefferson, or another character? If so, in what way does it characterize?

2.Does the quote symbolize the lack of freedom of a black person at this time? Does the quote symbolize the history of oppression of a black person? if so, to what part of history does the quote relate?

  • 12th grade English -

    Once you write up YOUR THOUGHTS, please re-post, and someone here will be happy to comment.

  • 12th grade English -

    Grant is wise

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