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College Algebra Word Problem

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A rectangular dog pen is to be made to enclose an area of 625 sq. ft. The pen is to be divided into 2 equal sections by a section of the fence. Find the dimensions of the pen that will require the least amount of fencing material.

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  • College Algebra Word Problem -

    Calculus I assume?

    Length*Width= 625
    fencelenght= 2L + 3W

    W= 625/L

    fencelength= 2L+ 3*625/L
    d fl/dl= 0=2 -3*625/L^2
    or L= sqrt (3/2 * 625)
    and W= 625/sqrt (3/2 625)

    Now, if you are in algebra, I don't see any way of working this except graphing
    fencelength=2L -325/L and looking for the minimum.

  • College Algebra Word Problem -

    The local city council want to build a bike path around a square park. The park has an area of 9 square miles. How many miles long will the bike path be

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