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1-1. It is no fun.
1-2. It is not funny.
(Are both the same?)

2-1. He is no gentleman.
2-2. He is not a gentleman.
2-3. He is not a gentleman at all.
(Which one is the same as 2-1? Are all the same?)

3. Many illnesses, like colds and flu, can spresd from one person to another.
(Can we use 'such as' instead of 'like'? What about 'the flu' instead of 'flu'?)

4. What made you angry?
4-1. Why are you angry?
(Are both the same?)

5.What is the difference between 'clinic' and 'hospital'?

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    1-1 and 1-2 are both correct, but they mean different things. The difference is in the words "fun" and "funny."

    2-1, 2-2, and 2-3 are all similar. The third one is most emphatic!

    3. Using "such as" is more formal than "like" (which is terribly overused and slang-y). They essentially mean the same thing, though. And you can use either "flu" or "the flu" in this particular sentence.

    4 and 4-1 mean about the same thing.

    5. A hospital is usually a much larger building with many departments; a clinic is usually small and closer to home. There are many more clinics than hospitals in cities and suburbs. In a hospital, you'd expect to find an emergency department, surgery department, intensive care units, recovery wards, etc., in addition to offices, reception, and gift shop. In a clinic you might find two or three rooms and far fewer employees. Here's a good answer from a wiki website: "A clinic is for short-term, non-life-threating care. A hospital is for long-term, emergency, and non-emergency care with beds."

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    That should be "non-life-threatening" -- to have the correct spelling!

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    There is a slight difference in meaning between clinic and hospital depending on where you are located. The word clinic in a medical sense can be used to mean:

    a medical facility, connected with a hospital, which treats primarily outpatients. If you look at a hospital's web site these usually list the clinics:


    a session of a class in medical school, in which medicine or surgery is taught by the examination and treatment of patients in the presence of the pupils.

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    Also, in #3, check the spelling of "spread."


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