science- help needed.

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each statement is false. rewrite each one as a true statement,showing as much scientific understand as possible.

1. light waves travel slower than sound waves.

2.a black object will reflect white light.

3.a translucent object lets no light through. orange object will absorb orange light. light goes through a green filter.

6. when light is dispersed by a prism,green is at the top of the dispersed ray.

7. as light enters a block of glass it speeds up.

8.a ray is drawn as a dotted line with an arrow.

9.when light is reflected,the angle of idcidence is always at right angles to the angle of reflection.

10.a green object looks blue in a red light.

  • science- help needed. -

    We will critique your work, but not do it for you.

  • science- help needed. -

    can't you help me on one question to understand how to do it. instead of doing all for me then.
    if you can then,that be grateful. =]

  • science- help needed. -

    Sorry, this is not my area, but here's a GOOGLE Search on light rays:

    (Broken Link Removed)


  • science- help needed. -

    thank you :)

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