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Business mangement and leadership

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Read through the 12 principals for Manging Change .Then select three principals you feel are most important to follow when managing and describe why you feel these are essential. Describe some specific techniques that can be used to manage change in an organiziation. explain how these techniques are consistant with your chioces you selected. 3-4 paragraphs with apa format

  • Business mangement and leadership -

    1. Be sure you go back into your textbook (or wherever the 12 principals for managing change are listed) and choose the three most important of these principles.

    2. Explain why you believe these are the three most important principles. (To explain means that you give reasons and examples to prove you're right.)

    3. Describe techniques (I'd say two or three, at least) to manage change.

    4. Explain (give reasons and examples) how these techniques match with the three principles you named in #2 above.

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