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I need to write a 1400 word paper comparing the entertainment fiction of the court system with its reality. Describe the fictional portrayals of the courtroom including the trial process, the roles of the prosecution and defense, the roles of the courtroom participants and the handling or implementation of rights for the defendant and the victim. Then, draw parallels between the fictional portrayal and the reality of the courtroom within above identified aspects.

I am not sure what to do here...can someone give me some help:

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    I think that what it is telling you to do is to write 1400 words about how some poeple think that the court systen can be funny, like in a television show, compared to how serious it is in real life.

  • The court system -

    Have you ever watched "Judge Judy" on the TV? That is an example of fictional, even though they say "the cases are real, etc." In real life, do y ou think the judge would offer "lectures" to the parties involved?


  • The court system -

    P.S. Here are some interesting sites about the court system = real and fictional:




    NOTE: Why don't you watch some of those TV shows about the court and interview some people who have really been to court.


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