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Indentify each sentence as simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex.

Could you tell me if my answers are correct please?

1. In 1942, the United States Navy sank four Japanese aircraft carriers; moreover, the United States Army Air Force joined Britain in a bombing campaign. Compound.

2. Although Roosevelt’s health was failing, he ran for president a fourth time in 1944, and he won. Compound

3. Everything was going well for the country; however, President Roosevelt died suddenly on April 12, 1945. Compound.

4. World War II, which was the United States had played a big part in wining, finally ended in September 2, 1945; consequently, the United States emerged as a leading world power. Compound-complex.

  • grammar -

    1. correct

    2. incorrect; the clause beginning with "although" is a dependent clause.

    3. correct

    4. correct

    Let me know what you think about #2.


  • grammar -

    I think that #2 is a compound-complex.

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