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i am supposed to pretend that my dad is an alcohol addicted and i need to write him a letter saying how his drinking has an impact with our (my family's) life. it must be 250 words long. i have started to write but i don't know what more to write....please help!

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    Make a list of the ways that an alcohol addict may affect his family. Then address those issues in your letter.

    If you post your ideas, we'll be glad to help you.

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    Make the family feel very powerles when it comes to helping their loved one. Not only put the addicts health and safety in jepordy but also evryone that encounters them. Alcoholics often put their loved ones in the position to deal with the law as well as people that mistreat the alcoholic

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    Well, you could say that how he's gonna ruin the family or what's going to happen if he drinks a lot.

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