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Hi everyone. Would someone be able to help me with this problems? I know it's a lot, if you only want to help with one or two, that is fine!!

9. Could you show how to use factoring and the zero-proudct property to find the zeros of each quadratic function? f(x)=x^2-9x

11. Same directions as above f(x)=4x^2-4x+1

14. x^2+8x+4=0 (solve this quadratic equation by completing the square)

15. 2x^2-11x+5=0 (also solve by completing the square)

16. The area of a triangle is 24 square inches. The height is 4 inches shorter than the base. Find the height and the base of the triangle.

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    Tell me what you are stuck on each one, and maybe I can help. I am not inclined to do them for you.

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