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How can you draw a line that is 5 inches long using only one sheet of 8 1/2 inch x 11 inch paper?

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    By using a pencil?

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    This is an actual question that I have for math homework tonight. A SERIOUS response would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out. Thanks

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    mark the corners of the sheet as A,B,C,D where AB is the longer side of 11 inches

    Fold the paper in half to mark the midpoint of AB, call it M

    open it up again, now fold it to have C land on M, crease the paper to form a triangle AMN, where N is along AD

    Le AN = x, then MN = 8.5 - x, of course AM = 5.5

    then x^2 + 5.5^2 = (8.5-x)^2
    solving this I got x = 2.47 or appr 2.5

    so MN = 8.5-2.5 = 6

    and of course DN = 6

    now open the sheet up again and fold it at D so that AD falls along DC

    on DC mark the place where N falls along DC, call it P
    Then of course PC = 11-6 = 5

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