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1. He kept crying all day long.
2. He kept on crying all day long.

(Is 'crying' a gerund or a present participle? What is the part of speech of 'on'?))

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    Actually a gerund IS a present participle! Both are said. Often, because English is a "directional" language (stand UP, sit DOWN, come IN, go OUT, etc.) you'll hear that sort of thing. The "on" in this sentence #2 goes with "to keep ON" or "to continue" for you could also say He continued crying.


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    The phrasal verb "keep on" (present) or "kept on" (past) is an idiom. It's almost impossible to explain its grammar!!
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    John, the "keep on" expression is used with lots of following verbs.

    keep on studying, working, eating, playing, etc. The implication is to "not quit", not give up.

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    P.S. You may or may not have heard the trucker's expression "Keep on keeping on!"


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