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An animal will defend the region around its home by attacking intruders that come in to the region. According to the statistical studies reported in J.M. Emlen's Ecology: An Evolutionary Approach, the defended region's area varies directly with the 1.31 power of the animal's body mass.
1. Suppose that a normal 20 kilogram beaver will defend a region of area 200 square meters. Write an equation for this function

2. Skeletons show that thousands of years ago North American beavers were up to 3.5 meters long and had a mass of 200 kg. How many square meters should a beaver have defended?

  • 11th grade-Calculas -

    1) solve for k, using mass, area given.
    2) now on the second, use the same k, solve for area.

    I am wondering how this is calculus.

  • 11th grade-Calculus -

    its part of a precalc-calc class.
    thanks though

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